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Lansing Trade Group’s Lincoln facility was acquired in 2015. This Eastern Idaho location handles hard red spring wheat, hard white wheat and soft white wheat.

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Hard Red Spring Wheat

IPY00 (Cash) MGEX 490.89s -9.32 -1.86% 0.00 500.21 490.89 490.89 05/23/19
IPK19 (May '19) MGEX 503-0s -6-0 -1.18% 0-0 509-0 503-0 503-0 05/23/19
IPM19 (Jun '19) MGEX 508-0s -6-0 -1.17% 0-0 514-0 508-0 508-0 05/23/19

Soft White Wheat

Sorry, there are no futures available for Soft White Wheat.

#2 Yellow Corn

Sorry, there are no futures available for #2 Yellow Corn.

Hard White Wheat

Sorry, there are no futures available for Hard White Wheat.


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Freedom Program

Freedom Pricing Tools

At Lansing Trade Group, we care about relationships. We care about your success. We are proud to offer The Andersons Freedom® Pricing Tools, a complete portfolio of solutions to help you manage your risk through pricing diversification. Our team of professionals works with you every step of the way to help you choose the tools that best complement your grain marketing plan, cover your market exposure, and help you realize your overall pricing strategy.