Bill Krueger 3

Bill Krueger


Bill joined the company in 1995 as Vice President of Trading with an emphasis on wheat merchandising. Bill was appointed to Lansing’s Board of Managers in 1996 and was named COO in 2002, in which his primary objective was to restructure the business operationally. Bill was named President in 2003 and CEO in 2005. Prior to joining Lansing, Bill worked for The Scoular Company and ConAgra.

Mark Odonnell 3

Mark O'Donnell


Mark joined Lansing in 2005 as Controller and was promoted to VP – Finance, Lansing Ethanol Services, in 2006. In 2008, Mark assumed the responsibilities of establishing trading operations in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Upon his return from South America, Mark began managing the company’s accounting and credit. In 2011, Mark was named EVP – Chief Financial Officer for the company. Prior to joining Lansing, Mark was an assurance manager at KPMG, primarily serving commodity traders and food processors.

Scott Mills 3

Scott Mills 

EVP – North america

Scott joined Lansing in 1997 as a Location Manager. He served as a VP and Director of Marketing for Corn and Feed Ingredients for Lansing for many years before taking over the role of General Manager – Lansing Ethanol Services. In 2008, Scott began his management of all North American Trading, which evolved to managing company-wide merchandising in 2011. He continues to serve on Lansing’s Board of Managers. Prior to joining Lansing, Scott worked for The Scoular Company and DeBruce Grain.

Jason Phelps

Jason Phelps

General Counsel & Corporate secretary 

Jason joined Lansing as Senior Counsel in 2010.  In 2018, Jason was promoted to General Counsel and Corporate Secretary.  He has extensive experience in corporate law, contract law, mergers and acquisitions, employment law, real estate and environmental issues, as well as corporate compliance.  Prior to joining Lansing, Jason worked in the Kansas City offices of Husch Blackwell LLP and Bryan Cave LLP, representing both public and private companies in all areas of corporate law.

Shannon Himango 3

Shannon Himango

evp - energy

Shannon joined Lansing in 2014 when the company completed the purchase of Titan Lansing Transloading, based in Texas, and was promoted to the Executive Committee later that year. Shannon co-founded Titan Transloading in 2011 and is currently responsible for overseeing the energy transloading operations and project development. Shannon previously worked for Cargill, Inc. and Anderson Grain Corporation.

Mike Lemke 3

Mike Lemke

VP – Grains

Mike brought more than 14 years of grain-trading experience to Lansing in 1997 when he opened the company’s Minneapolis, Minnesota, office with a focus on trading wheat. He relocated to Lansing’s corporate offices in Overland Park, Kansas, in 2006. Mike leverages his broad agricultural experience to provide input on many levels of the company’s business. Additionally, Mike has broad experience with the National Grain and Feed Association and other associations.

Weston Heide 3

Weston Heide

VP – Pet Food Ingredients and Specialty Products

Since joining Lansing in 2008, Weston has held various positions within the company.  He currently serves at the VP for the Pet Food Ingredients and Specialty Products businesses.  For several years, he was VP of Finance and Business Development and led the company’s Treasury, Credit, and Corporate Business Development functions, supporting both financing efforts and company growth.  Weston later transitioned to a commercial operations role overseeing the Feed Ingredient division.  Prior to joining Lansing, Weston was a senior manager in the Energy and Capital Markets consulting practice at Deloitte.

Eric Watts 3

Eric Watts

VP – Energy

Eric joined Lansing in 2008 and has held a variety of leadership positions, and is currently responsible for the Energy Division. Eric has more than 12 years of experience in domestic and international agricultural cash and financially-based trading. He began his grain merchandising career with ConAgra, where he held a variety of positions ranging from business development to managing the supply chain for bulk liquid transportation via rail, truck, barge, container and vessel. Eric also has risk management experience involving financial derivative markets.

Brian Walz 3

Brian Walz


Brian joined Lansing in 2010 as Director of Counterparty Risk and has held various roles in his tenure at the company. After being promoted to VP – Treasurer in 2015, Brian’s role includes responsibility for Counterparty Risk, Finance, Treasury and Business Development. Prior to joining Lansing, Brian held various finance related positions at CVR Energy, Inc. and Farmland Industries, Inc.

Jake Swearingen 3

Jake Swearingen


Jake joined Lansing in 2017 as VP of Accounting and Tax.  He has more than 15 years of accounting experience, primarily with nitrogen fertilizer manufacturing, food processors and transportation.  Prior to joining Lansing, Jake served as VP and Chief Accounting Officer for CVR Partners, LP, and as an assurance senior manager at KPMG.

John Hagios

John Hagios

VP – Feed Ingredients

John joined Lansing in 2007 when the company initiated the acquisition of Ackerman, Beardsley, Bennett, located in Burlington, VT. John started with Lansing trading DDGS and has progressed to Location Manager, Director of Marketing of Feed Ingredients and International Containers, and is currently the Vice President of Feed Ingredients. Prior to joining Lansing, John worked at IBM in their Microelectronics division where he became a USPTO patented engineer.