Lansing Increases Ownership of Providence Grain

Lansing Trade Group has struck a deal to acquire a larger ownership stake in Providence Grain, a farmer-controlled grain company based at Fort Saskatchewan, Alta. Lansing, based in Kansas, will acquire an additional 25 percent ownership position in Providence, bringing its total equity in the company to 38 percent. Click here to read the entire article…Continue reading 

Lansing Announces Sale of Equity

Lansing Trade Group, LLC has sold equity to New Hope Liuhe Investment (USA), Inc., a U.S. subsidiary of Chinese company, New Hope Liuhe Co. Ltd. New Hope paid $127,500,000 in cash for a 20% equity interest in Lansing. Having emerged in the 1980’s, currently listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange and now having more than 60,000 employees, New Hope Liuhe Co. Ltd....Continue reading 

Lansing Announces Newest Grain Facility

Lansing Trade Group today announced the completion of a high speed shuttle train facility on the Union Pacific Railroad near Grayridge, Missouri.   The facility which started construction at the beginning of the year has now been completed in time for receiving grain for harvest 2014.  The facility is capable of loading 110-car shuttle trains. The state of the art...Continue reading